My Favorite Tech (for now)

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that I love to explore new technologies. Here's a description of what I'm currently learning about and playing with.


I'm working on a still-secret Electron app:

I kinda love Electron, to be honest.

React Native Core Team

I've recently joined the React Native core team and have been working on "The Slimmening" initiative.

Elixir & Phoenix

My company also uses Elixirand thePhoenix web frameworkfor many of our websites, web apps, back ends, and APIs.

Elixir is probably my favorite programming language. It combines functional ideas in a practical way with a Ruby-esque beauty and Erlang's powerful underlying OTP and virtual machine.

I've built a content management system for Elixir / Phoenix calledThesis. It's really slick, although not a lot of people know about it.


This website isopen sourceand written in Next.js, deployed via The process couldn't have been easier! I really enjoyed it from the initial spin-up to porting over my old Ghost CMS blog posts to deploying live and configuring the DNS.

Not only that, but I recently upgraded it from Next 2 to Next 7 and had basically no problems at all.