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I've loved software for a very long time.

When my dad brought home a 286 in 1991, I was enthralled. I watched as he painstakingly typed and simultaneously repeated cd backslash games enter and saw the screen scroll and change. It was mind-blowing to a ten year old.

A couple years later, a middle school math teacher gave me a book on BASIC programming, and said she had noticed I liked computers. At home, I discovered that our new 486DX computer had QBasic. I was in heaven.

That has led to a life-long obsession with coding. The journey has taken me from running large excavation equipment to framing houses to 3D CAD design, until I eventually landed on a career in software.

Read more about it in Beginnings.

I’m Jamon Holmgren, a software developer, business owner, husband, and father of four, located near Portland, Oregon, in SW Washington state.

I am one of the co-founders of Infinite Red, Inc., a web & mobile app design and development studio based out of Portland and San Francisco.

Feel free to shoot me an email at If it's work-related, use


P.S. I built this website in Next.js and I've had a great experience with it. Upgrading is super easy.