Talks -- Recent and Upcoming

I sometimes give talks at conferences (when I'm nothelping organize one) and meetups. I've added links to a few here and will try to keep it up to date. In the upcoming section, I've also added some other meetups and conferences I plan to attend even if I'm not speaking, in case you want to connect there.


  • I will be the first speaker at the new meetup in Vancouver, Washington, called Vancouver Full Stack, ! I'll be speaking about Modern JavaScript. Join us for the first event for this new meetup!
  • I will be giving a talk at Portland State University about React Native on February 29.
  • I've been invited to speak at React Finland and will be speaking about Ignite! Let me know on Twitter if you'll be there.
  • I will be speaking at Chain React 2019! Topic TBD. Let me know on Twitter if you'll be there.