What I'll write

Published December 11, 2013

For the longest time, I redirected this domain to my company site. "Too busy, can't blog," I thought.

No more. Prepare ye' self. I shall blog!(EDIT: Well, for a while...)

What about? Since it's a personal blog, probably a lot about the things I care about. You'll see a lot of tech and programming topics. I might talk about my family a bit.

My family

Yeah, that’s a lot of kids.

I won’t talk about politics at all or religion-specific topics much here. I’m sure you get enough of that elsewhere. I’m a Christian, Lutheran in fact, and take my faith seriously, but that’s not what this blog will be focused on.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter – I’ll post links there as I write posts.

And feel free to reach out with comments, criticism, even positive things. I like people, so unless you’re a complete jerk I’ll probably like you. :-)