Deprecating ProMotion-form

Published November 20, 2015

As of today, I'm deprecatingProMotion-form.

It's never all that much fun to shut down an open source project that I created. I know that others rely on it, and it will cause some pain.

Fortunately, there's a great alternative to ProMotion-form.Benjamin Michotte, the prolific Belgian RubyMotion developer, has created a new ProMotion addon calledProMotion-XLForm. Since it's powered by a much less flakey CocoaPod, the odd issues caused by XLForms won't be present. And Benjamin is an excellent developer, so he'll take good care of you.

Migration should be pretty straightforward. Read the docs -- the API is very similar to PM-form, so migrating over shouldn't be a huge pain.

Thanks Benjamin for the excellent successor, and thanks to everyone who helped contribute to ProMotion-form!