Annoying iOS issues: ApplicationVerification Failed

Published November 13, 2014

Recently, Ryan Linton and I ran into an annoying error with a RubyMotion iOS project. Every time we'd run rake device, we'd getApplicationVerification Failed.

We eventually opened the Devices panel in Xcode:

Xcode menu showing Devices selected

...selected the iPhone, clicked the absurdly hidden console icon:

Hidden icon for console on bottom left

...and dragged the console up large enough to see what was going on:

Click *just above* the icon and drag upward

Once we tried rake device again, there was a line that said something to the effect that there were some entitlements that were not allowed with this provisioning profile. Ah-ha!

We were trying to use HealthKit, and the App identifier in theApple Developer center wasn't set up for that:

Showing HealthKit is off

After turning that on and regenerating the provisioning profile, everything worked.

Hope this helps someone!

UPDATE 11/18/2014:

We ran into another error:

Failed to create source for client (null)

After a lot of headscratching, we enlisted the help ofKen Miller, one of our good friends at InfiniteRed. Ken figured out that we were missing another entitlement,application-identifier:

app.seed_id = 'SEEDIDHERE' app.identifier = 'com.clearsightstudio.myapp' app.entitlements['application-identifier'] = app.seed_id + '.' + app.identifier

Make sure you also have this:

app.entitlements[''] = true

Hopefully this also helps someone!