Uninstalling United Airline's "Panasonic DRM plugin"

Published July 20, 2015

I just got in last night from a United flight. During the flight, I installed (against my better judgment) their in-flight DRM plugin so I could watch a movie on my MacBook Pro.

The playback was terrible on my laptop anyway, so I switched to the United app on my iPhone which was surprisingly decent.

But now, how do I get rid of the DRM plugin?

Googling around revealed absolutely nothing. United, of course, doesn't say anything in their FAQ about where this plugin is installed.

I finally did a Finder search and found a file namedPanasonicDrmPlugin_2.plugin in/Library/Internet Plugins. I deleted that file, and after more Finder searches couldn't find anything else.

So, for a one-liner you can put into Terminal:

sudo rm /Library/Internet\ Plugins/PanasonicDrmPlugin_2.plugin

Hope this helps someone else!