Speed II

In my last article, I complained about RubyMotion compile times and proposed a solution. I even released a gem, called Compressor, that speeds up large project compiles by up to »

Speeding up RubyMotion compile times by 95%

UPDATE 5/29/2015: RubyMotion 3.12 came out with much faster compile times. Go check out my follow-up blog post. Original post: Crash. $ rake clean:all. Wait. $ rake pod »

Live Code Reloading in RedPotion

"Todd. How's it going?" I could hardly contain my excitement. "Hi Jamon. Not bad, just finishing up some stuff." Todd Werth said, coming in clear over the ScreenHero voice session »

ProMotion 2.3 - Notable Changes

ProMotion 2.3 includes several useful new features and better compatibility with RedPotion. It should be fully backwards-compatible with older version of ProMotion, so file an issue if you run »

A React.js Pattern for your RubyMotion app

Post summary: I build a "Bitcoin price" RubyMotion iOS app and show how it can be made to follow more of a React.js pattern. At ClearSight we are venturing »