Jamon Holmgren

4 minute read

Building iOS forms the ProMotion way with ProMotion-form

The RubyMotion ProMotion add-on ecosystem just got a new member, and I’m really excited about this one. ProMotion-form brings form-building to ProMotion in a powerful yet lightweight screen called PM::FormScreen.

screenshot of ProMotion::FormScreen

PM::FormScreen is great for...

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4 minute read

Easy background tasks on Heroku with Que

In quite a few of our Rails websites and smaller web applications, we end up needing some simple scheduled tasks that need to run in the background. Our favorite go-to background worker queue so far has been Sidekiq with Redis.

Sidekiq is a fine system,...

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4 minute read

Creating a Custom UITableViewCell with ProMotion

ProMotion comes with a “stupid simple” table screen that lets you make a list-view screen very easily. The API looks something like this:

# app/screens/movies_screen.rbclass MoviesScreen < PM::TableScreen def table_data [{ cells: [ { ...
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2 minute read

ProMotion 2.0 Launched

I just pushed up ProMotion 2.0.0, something that has been in the works for quite a while!

I consider ProMotion 2 to be “ProMotion all grown up.” The API doesn’t have the warts and wrinkles of the early ProMotion versions and it feels...

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3 minute read

How to get hired as a junior software developer

Sometimes I get asked if we do internships at ClearSight Studio. Right now we don’t (although that will likely change). Ultimately, your chances of getting a job at ClearSight as a junior software developer almost linearly follow your willingness...

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