A React.js Pattern for your RubyMotion app

Post summary: I build a "Bitcoin price" RubyMotion iOS app and show how it can be made to follow more of a React.js pattern. At ClearSight we are venturing »

In-app purchases in RubyMotion

Building iPhone apps is fun, but you need to at some point reap the rewards of your hard work. That's where in-app purchases (IAPs) come in. There are a few »

Cleaner View Rendering in Rails

We've been using the "Presenter pattern" at ClearSight for some time now. Since everyone seems to have gotten used to the idea of only using one instance variable per controller »

Inspect UIWebView with Safari

My friend Matthew Sinclair pointed out a neat trick recently. When embedding a UIWebView into an app, it's often useful to be able to inspect the contents of that view »

What the hex?

We all know it's not a good idea to commit secret API keys into your git repository. For RubyMotion, it's tempting to do so anyway, since the code will be »