ProMotion 2.1.0 Released - Notable Changes

I just released ProMotion 2.1.0. This release includes a few minor new features, but mainly it's a bugfix release and upgrading should go smoothly. I'll run through the »

Annoying iOS issues: ApplicationVerification Failed

Recently, Ryan Linton and I ran into an annoying error with a RubyMotion iOS project. Every time we'd run rake device, we'd get ApplicationVerification Failed. We eventually opened the Devices »

We're still working four-day weeks

For the last three years, I've set our "summer hours" to Monday-Thursday from June to end of August. It's been very popular with my employees. The Pacific Northwest is known »

Building iOS forms the ProMotion way with ProMotion-form

The RubyMotion ProMotion add-on ecosystem just got a new member, and I'm really excited about this one. ProMotion-form brings form-building to ProMotion in a powerful yet lightweight screen called PM »

Easy background tasks on Heroku with Que

In quite a few of our Rails websites and smaller web applications, we end up needing some simple scheduled tasks that need to run in the background. Our favorite go-to »