Deprecating ProMotion-form

As of today, I'm deprecating ProMotion-form. It's never all that much fun to shut down an open source project that I created. I know that others rely on it, and »

Up Next

A month ago, I sat down at my computer and wrote Ten Years, looking back at the decade I have owned ClearSight. Now, I get to write a very different »

Ten Years

I sat down at my desk in my spare bedroom and logged into my Windows XP home-built computer. Two seventy pound Sony Trinitron 21” CRT monitors stared back at me »

Uninstalling United Airline's "Panasonic DRM plugin"

I just got in last night from a United flight. During the flight, I installed (against my better judgment) their in-flight DRM plugin so I could watch a movie on »

RubyMotion Inspect 2015 Wrap-up

Paris is hot. Well, at least it was hot during the week of RubyMotion #inspect2015. And nobody seems to have air conditioning. But that's is pretty much the end of »